Sunday, November 1, 2009

Spinach for a Friend

Today was like yesterday...sunny, warm and the perfect day to play in the dirt...which is what I did :)  My Gerber daisies were beginning to look quite ragged and pitiful actually.  I spent the day repotting plants, trimming my roses, thinning beets (which I should have done when they first began to germinate...but I "hate" to thin...more on that later), picking little green worms off my cabbage plants and lots of routine maintenance on my patio plants and in the garden.  My idea of a perfect day :)

All the while my beautiful old boy, Tyson, was lazing in the sun and keeping me company.

I also decided to plant a few spinach plants for a friend of mine.  I tried saving the little plants I thinned from my garden for her, but that didn't work.  So I decided to plant some from seed.  These are for you Linda :)

I filled six peat pots with seed starter mix, then watered the pots to let the mixture settle.  I let them stand about an hour or so.  I put about 4-5 seeds in each pot and poked them into the soil with a long wooden bamboo skewer which works great for this task.  After watering them again, I set the pots in the sun and will keep them moist until they germinate.  At that time, I'll transplant into small plastic pots (of which I have a ton!) and will deliver them to Linda.  


  1. Tyson looks like a great gardening companion. Good luck with the seeds.

  2. Tyson *is* the best gardening companion! Thanks for visiting...I'll keep up to date on the seeds :)