Thursday, November 19, 2009

Another Chilly Night

Brrr...the temperature in my garden got down to 29 degress overnight!  That's the coldest it's been this fall.  I left all the vegetables covered from the previous night and upon inspection this morning, they all came through fairly well.  Although I did loose some tomato blossoms.  The blossoms at the top of the plants, the ones touching the frost blankets, did not fair so well.  I lost some of those. 

But there are still plenty of tomatoes and blooms on the vines...hopefully, I'll get to harvest some of these before the inevitable frost takes them out completely.

The lantana by the pool on top of the hill got completely frozen.  But they'll come back; if not this winter, then in the spring for sure.  Lantana is pretty hardy.

Even my cosmos did not escape the frost :-(  This patch on the top of the hill froze completely. 

But Texas wildflowers are pretty tough.  It will reseed itself and come back in full glory next spring.

All in all, my Texas hill country garden came through the first frost pretty much unscathed.

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