Tuesday, November 17, 2009

First Frost - Progress Report

Well...no damage done...but it sure got cold last night!  The thermometer in my garden registered 30 degrees overnight.  That's cold, but not unusual for us here in the hills.  So when the local weather guys (gals) predict a light freeze, with temperatures hovering around the mid thirties, I always take that to mean a freeze is possible (and likely) for us.  I'm so thankful I covered everything last night.  I think I'll cover my tender babies again tonight.  Another "light freeze" is predicted.

I was up and out to the garden very early this morning...the sun hadn't even come up yet.  And what I saw was absolutely beautiful.  There was a light frost on the grass and the hillside.  But my cosmos were standing tall! 

Even the firepit on the back patio had frost.  And the 2 inches of water in the pit was frozen solid!

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