Monday, November 16, 2009

First Frost

I knew it was was only a matter of time.  The local meteorologists have issued the first light freeze warning for the Hill Country tonight.  I'm a bit concerned but not in panic mode.  The forecast is only for a light freeze.  A few years ago I invested in some very good frost blankets*.  Tonight, I used them all.  I tucked in all my vegetables and will hope for the best.  I think they'll be fine.  Progress report tomorrow.

*I use DeWitt N-Sulate medium weight , 1.5 oz permeable frost protection fabric.  Each blanket is 10'x12', the perfect size to cover my 9' x 5' beds.  You can buy these many places online.  Just Google it and you'll get tons of sources.  Fortunately, one of my local nurseries carries these so I save shipping costs.  They are durable and last for many seasons. 

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