Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Garden Maintenance Project. . .Done!

I can't believe I'm finally finished!  What an enormous amount of work this project has been.  But I must say, it's been worth it...my garden looks great!  All nice and soft to walk on and the best part---no...more...sticker...burrs!

The garden enclosure is about 450 square feet so it's a pretty big area.  Now granted, there are six beds that cover a good bit of the surface area; but still, I bet I hauled 75 wheelbarrels full of mulch...no kidding.  Here is what the cedar bark mulch piles looked like before...

...and after

Truthfully, I really didn't mind the work.  I love being outside and the weather cooperated with me while I worked on this project.  For the most part, it was sunny but relatively cool.  The mulch piles are under the canopy of two beautiful live oak trees so I had shade while I worked.  Many of the songbirds that populate this area don't migrate and they kept me company with their constant chatter throughout the morning.  I heard the hawks down by the river and I was even lucky enough to be visited by a Black Phoebe, a member of the Tyrannidae family (a flycatcher).   I've seen her before and she is lovely.  Unfortunately, my camera is not very powerful with zoom and I didn't get a very good photo, but hopefully you can see her. 

I'm glad this project is done and I feel very good about the work I did.  But let's just say I'm OK with waiting another two years before I have to do this again!

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