Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Surprise Discovery

I stepped into my greenhouse today to put some stuff away and reorganize it a bit when this little wren came flying out of nowhere, just fussing up a storm at me.  She got caught in the greenhouse but finally figured out how to get out.

Well I very quickly discovered why she was so upset.  I was going to refold and stack my frost blankets that I store in the greenhouse for the season and when I lifted the top blanket, this is what I saw:  a little nest with little bitty eggs! 


Keep in mind that these eggs are tiny...about the size of my thumbnail.  I quickly covered the nest and tipped toed out of my greenhouse.  

Knowing the nest is there will keep my trips in and out of the greenhouse to an absolute minimum.  And I will be very careful if I have to retrieve something out of there.  But what a gift for the day, don't ya think? :)

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