Monday, May 17, 2010

Meyer Lemon Tree is Full

I can't believe my Meyer lemon tree.  It took a beating in the greenhouse this past winter and I thought it would take some time for it to come back.  But it is back and full (and I mean *full*) of little bitty lemons.  It lives on the back patio where my husband and I sit every night to unwind with a glass of wine and watch the hummingbirds battle.  The scent coming from the lemon tree is nothing short of intoxicating.  And I think the blossoms look as beautiful as they smell.  Check out these lemons!

This lemon tree is very happy living on the back patio.  It gets full sun and is bathe in daily, warm Southern breezes.  When I moved it out of the greenhouse, I fertilized it with about a half cup of Medina Growin Green and I give it lots of water.  It is thriving.  I see homemade lemonade, lemon biscotti cookies, great lemon vinaigrettes, lemon bars, flavorful marinades, lemon curd (delicious on yogurt and oatmeal!), lemon flavored iced tea, lemon and thyme new potatoes, etc, etc in my future :)

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  1. Hi Di
    Just checked out your blog. You never cease to
    amaze me with what you grow. I hope you're
    having a good weekend. It's been good for me,
    the weather has been fantastic.
    Love you