Sunday, May 2, 2010

Poppies and Roses

At this time of the year there is never a dull moment in my Texas hill country garden.  In my routine morning trek out to the vegetable patch, I made a wonderful discovery.  Right there in the middle of Mo's garden was this beautiful, tall, pink, perfect poppy blossom!  I couldn't believe it.  When I went to inspect it, I noticed that it was a big patch of poppies and that there were quite a few buds down in it.  Looks as if I'll have a show of poppies for a little while anyway.  Luckily it was a cloudy overcast morning, so with camera in hand, I began snapping away.  Look at this beauty.  Such a gift.


A few of you have asked me if those beautiful rose buds I posted a couple of weeks ago have popped yet.  Well, yes they have and here they are!

So much beautiful color in the garden during the early spring.  It is simply wonderful.

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  1. Hi Di
    Just checked your blog. You are one busy girl.
    Everything is beautiful. I planted a few flowers on Tuesday hope to plant some more over
    the weekend. I've had a busy week hope to take it easy over the weekend. Did you get the last
    e-mail I sent you about a gift for the baby?
    Talk to you soon
    Love Ma