Friday, February 5, 2010

Guadalupe River After the Rain

...and rain it did!  In the past 2 1/2 days, we got more than 3 inches of rain here in South Texas.  I, for one, am not complaining one bit.  I think it's wonderful.  Our summers are so hot and dry that I rarely gripe about the rain, especially at this time of year.  After all, it *is* winter and the weather is supposed to be cool and rainy.  And it sure beats snow and ice!

The rain finally let up this afternoon and I decided to take a walk down to the river, camera in hand, to see what the Guadalupe looked it.  I figured it would be up and it sure is.  I haven't seen the river this high in almost a year.  It is beautiful.  On a normal day, this river is clear, low and quiet, although it always runs pretty quickly.  But today I saw a very loud, turbulent and muddy Guadalupe.  I was also reminded of the power of water.  Running water always stirs something deep in my soul.  Maybe that's because I'm an Aquarian :)

Anyway, I thought you might appreciate some photos of the beautiful Guadalupe River.


Look at the direction of the trees on the opposite bank in these next couple of photos.  I know it may seem impossible, but the river has gotten that high on occasion, causing the trees to bend in the direction of the river flow.  Pretty amazing, the power of Nature. 

There were even some whitecaps on the Guadalupe...go figure!

As I was walking around, I noticed lots of these, what I call "star weeds".  Of course, I know that is not the correct botanical name for them, but to me, that's what they look like, and I think they are beautiful. 


No matter the season or the weather, the Guadalupe River is a beautiful piece of the South Texas hill country.

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  1. Hi Di
    I went on to your blog. It is great. I wish I could be there to see it in person. It's wonderful to know what you're doing and enjoying it.
    Love Ma