Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Early Spring Planting

Things have been pretty quiet in my garden in recent days but yesterday, I actually got out there and planted some early spring seeds!  Yep...I was pretty excited and so happy to be back digging in the dirt.  The weather was cool, overcast and a bit drizzly, perfect planting weather.  Some people may call this type of weather "dreary" but I didn't mind being out there in it at all.   I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

It is supposed to rain heavy for the next few days, be sunny over the weekend, then rain again next week.  So I really wanted to get these little babies in the ground before the rains came.

Using the crop rotation schedule I devised a couple of weeks ago, in one bed I planted one row of romaine lettuce (Barcarole lettuce), and one row of broccoli raab.

In another bed (the one that contains my remaining spinach and carrots) I planted one row of heirloom, Detroit Dark Red Beets.

In the last bed, I planted one row of Rhubarb Chard.  This is the first time I've planted Swiss chard and I'm looking forward to growing it and even more to cooking with it!

I planted all the seeds according to the package directions then covered each row with a thin layer of hay. This will help keep the moisture in and keep the soil warm while the seeds germinate.  

In a couple of weeks, I will do succession planting with all these vegetables.  There is room in each one of the beds to plant at least two more rows of crops.  Succession planting really helps extend my yield instead of having everything ripe at once and scrambling to use it all (or give it away) before the produce goes bad.

The Texas 1015 onion sets I planted a few weeks ago are doing well and growing nicely!  I fertilized each row of onions with my favorite all purpose organic fertilizer, Medina Growin Green Organic Fertilizer.

All in all, I had a wonderful day in the garden yesterday!  Will keep you guys posted as my new little seedlings begin to sprout!

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