Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bush Beans and Italian White Eggplant

My peppers may be still struggling (although they are doing better....must be the new compost :), but my Italian White eggplant, Blue Lake bush beans and Gold Rush bush beans are doing beautifully!  Despite getting off to a rocky start and a battle with the giant grasshoppers, these summer staples are taking off!  I'm pretty excited too because these vegetables, like most of the vegetables in my spring garden, are new varieties of old favorites and I'm very anxious to see how they produce and more importantly, what they taste like!  Take a peek...

Italian white eggplant

Golden Scallopini Summer Squash

Blue Lake Bush Beans

Gold Rush Bush Beans

Beautiful plants, don't ya think? :)

So just as my beets, carrots and lettuces are winding down in the garden, my beans and squash are gearing up to begin producing beautiful foods for me, my family and friends.  God, I love this stuff :) 


  1. Yum! Once again, I'm visiting your blog around meal time. That's probably a good thing (although my tummy is growling), because it reminds me to eat healthy foods. It's so fun to see the plants at various stages. I agree--I love this stuff!

  2. Hi Beth :) I wish you could join me for dinner one night...that would be fun! I look at these pictures of my squash and in just a week or so since I took these, they've grown so much! Yes, I wish I could more closely document their growth. Loved your Lessons Learned post too!