Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Last of the Lettuce...First of the Tomatoes

It was a sad day at my house...I picked the last of the Lola Rossa red leaf lettuce :-(

I really enjoyed this lettuce.  It was the first year I grew this variety and you can bet I *will* plant it again in the fall.  The heads were not too big, not one of them bolted despite our blazing heat, the leaves were tasty, kind of bitter-like, but very good, and the germination rate was excellent.  I will plant this lettuce again next spring as well.

But as sad a day as it was, I also picked the first of my Chadwick cherry tomatoes!  So it wasn't such a sad day after all :-)

I also had this fresh, delicious, locally-made-in-New-Mexico-feta-cheese that my good friend Cheryl brought me back from their recent vacation.

The only obvious thing to do with these fresh ingredients is make a salad...and that's what I did!  I added an avocado, Keith and Abby's Horseradish Dijon Mustard dressing and it was delicious!

I love summer food!


  1. So happy you are still getting tomatoes....Mom's are almost bolting already! But, we've gotten about 20 a day!!! :)

  2. I grow quite a few varieties of lettuce each year, because they all like slightly different weather conditions, and you never know what the weather is going to do. Intense heat is seldom so much of a problem for us here in the UK!
    Diane, if you enjoyed the slightly bitter taste of the Lollo Rossa, do you also like Endives and chicory (which are also quite bitter unless blanched)?

  3. Yes, Katie...me too! There's still a lot of green ones out there just waiting to ripen! Wow, your mom's tomatoes are really producing! So yummy!

    Hi Mark :)We can only grow lettuce in the early spring and early fall. It's just too hot in the summer. I need to pop over to your blog to see what's been happening there. It's been an incredibly busy summer for us. Yes, I do enjoy endive, raw or cooked; and chicory I only like cooked. It's a little too bitter for me :)

  4. Oh, so sad!! But just think of all the yummy produce to come! Love the graphics on the feta - too cute!

  5. Good to know on the variety of lettuce! I have had a lot of bolted lettuce this year. Go away 100 plus degree heat!