Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Birds

These beauties have been visiting my feeders all summer long.  I actually have two nesting pair of Painted Buntings and many (many) lesser goldfinches.  I haven't been able to capture an image of the female bunting but I'll keep trying.  Just thought you might like a glimpse of these lovely creatures. 


  1. Much more colourful than any I get round here! Most of the ones I see are what we call "LBJs" (Little Brown Jobs). I suspect coloration goes with temperatures. Your area gets very hot, and your birds adopt really bright plumage, whereas our climate is cooler and most of our birds are fairly drab.

  2. Oh wow! Yes, your birds are much more colorful that what I have in my garden! I can't wait to show Kiley these photos! Thanks!

  3. Oh, my goodness! I'd be doing backflips if a painted bunting visited my garden!! How wonderful. So pretty.

  4. I have to admit: I'm a bit envious of your painted buntings!! We have lots of goldfinches but ours look a little different. Howz about I swap ya four grackles for two painted buntings???

  5. How wonderful to have painted buntings nesting in your garden! Great capture of a camera-shy bird too.

  6. Hi Mark...I think you may be right. Our climate is very tropical here and that may contribute to our colorful bird population. In any case, I love to watch them!

    Thanks Kelsey! We are blessed with many colorful, noisy but fun birds here in the hills. I bet your daughter will love this one!

    I know, Toni. The first one showed up about 4 years ago and I about jumped through the window when I first saw him! Of course, my hubby had no idea what I was so excited about! And the buntings have been coming back every year. This year I have at least two nesting pair; maybe three. They are lovely!

    Hi TS...How about I just send you a couple of painted buntings and you can keep the grackles ;-)

    Thanks, Pam. I've been trying for the past two summers to get a good picture of this beauty and success...finally!! And the day after this posted, I was able to snap a picture of the female. She's not as colorful but is just as beautiful!

  7. Hi Diane,
    it's been a few days since I visited your blog last time and I have to make up a lot of reading. ;)
    Although I have a fair variety of different birds around here, I have never seen any Painted Buntings around here in my garden. Neither I would have seen any around here in the neighborhood. My guess is, since they are a pretty shy bird, they prefer living a bit farther out in the country than coming into neighborhoods with lots of houses. They are such beautiful birds and I would be all excited if I ever spotted one around here.
    Best Wishes
    Paula Jo