Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gorgeous Compost

We gardeners get excited about the strangest a pile of composted horse manure and pine shavings!  But seriously, only a gardener would think it's even remotely cool to write about something like this...much less post pictures...and then actually think people would care!  But look at this a gardener, this is like gold!

My wonderful friend Shelly has a gorgeous mare named Izzy, short for Giselle. Shelly invited me out to the barn where she boards Izzy to pick up some manure compost for my garden.  I jumped at the chance!  Yesterday morning, I went out there and hauled back three big contractor bags full of this stuff.

It's been sitting in the hot sun for about six months and it is completely composted and the perfect mulch for my garden.  Yesterday afternoon I spread it on three of my beds and watered it thoroughly.  My beds look beautiful!

Maybe it will help my struggling peppers :/


And this stuff is full of good nutrients for my soil and is better than anything I can buy in a bag.  And the good thing is there is plenty more where this came from!

And here is the beautiful Izzy who helped contribute to this pile of organic love for my garden :)

 Thanks Shelly!


  1. Every time I can I bring up a 30 foot trailer load of "compost" from my parent's horse ranch. It makes everything do so well! Nothing grows here until I add some organic matter into the soil. Can't wait to see how the peppers do!

  2. Yes, I can see getting excited about that find! I took pictures of compost on the garden tour last week; one came out fine but the other of the finished compost came out blurry. I blame the blur on the fact that I was giddy with excitement!

  3. I know,'s amazing what this stuff will do to any soil! I'm so excited to now have this resource for organic matter. I don't think I'll ever buy bagged stuff again! Why would I? :)

    Thanks, Cat. I knew you would get it :) Giddy is exactly how I felt when I saw that huge mound of compost! Would love to see your pic. I've been so busy gardening and traveling that I'm way behind on visiting my friends' blogs. Hope to catch up today!

  4. The best growing additive!!!! My Arabian gelding did his share also, but the mushroom plant a few blocks down the road picked it up first, used it in their mushroom houses, then returned the compost for the farm. What a great mix that made. Horses are cool and useful animals in so many ways. Izzy is a beauty.

  5. It sure is Donna! That must have been the most amazing compost! It's fun to have friends who garden and get it :) Yes, Izzy is a beauty!

  6. Oh, there's nothing like the smell of compost in the morning, evening, or anytime you smell it!! What a great find! I am a compost nut. I order a dump truck load every year, and pay dearly. I do make my own, too, but just can't make the volume I need. So to find a source of free stuff is just icing on the cake. Compost is the cure for everything garden :-) Those peppers will shape up in now time, I'm sure. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I know we are all so busy right now with our gardens. I am seeing a light at the end of the busy-ness tunnel, so hopefully I will have a little more time to post a little on my blog again.

  7. Just imagining how that compost will help your veggies grow is exciting! I can imagine healthy green peppers and tomatoes and potatoes. Yum. And Izzy is a cutie!

  8. Hi sound like a geeky gardener like me! :) But I knew my gardening blogger buddies would understand my excitement over this treasure trove of compost! It's fun to be busy in the garden, isn't it?

    Yes, Beth, I'm hopeful this beautiful compost will help my peppers. I know it can't hurt, that's for sure. I'll keep you posted!