Friday, May 13, 2011

Tomatos and Peppers

I thought I'd post an update on how the tomatoes and peppers are doing.  The tomatoes are doing very well...lots of blooms and even a few tomatoes beginning to form!  They are growing tall and are very healthy.  And so far, no bug problems...yet.

My peppers on the other hand are struggling.  I gave away all the good seedlings this spring and the ones I had left are having a difficult time taking hold.  It has been very windy up here on my hill and the wind has really given my little pepper seedlings a beating.  I have three Red Ruffled Pimento plants that are doing OK and one Corno Di Toro that is doing well and two others that are not.

I just hope they survive.  I may have put these little ones in the ground too soon.  But I had to.  We were leaving town for a few days and I had no one to come in and water them inside.  At least outside, they get watered every day by the sprinkler system.  All I can do is wait, hope and pray :/

I have one Italian White Eggplant that is doing well and two others that are not.  This is a new variety for me so we'll have to see how they do in this climate.  I do hope at least one does well and produces some fruit for me.  I'm anxious to try this variety of white eggplant.

So as you can see, my garden this year is, once again, a mixed bag.  Some plants are doing well...others not so well.  But I still get enormous pleasure out of my that I'm out there.  I take the good with the bad and love every minute of it :)


  1. It's the gardener's life -- after we plant, we wait, hope, and pray. And the "mixed bag" is pretty universal, too. You have an amazing start on the veggies! Of course, we can't even plant ours up here in the north until late May.

  2. So many ups and downs over a garden! The other day I prayed over a rose that I wasn't sure was going to survive being transplanted. I just couldn't bear to lose it. So far, so good!! The tomato plants sure look fat and happy!!

  3. Hi Beth...yes, this is the gardener's life. Some things do well and others don't. I think the main thing is to NOT get discouraged! Keep on truckin' :) And be thankful for what we do have!

    Hi TS...I hope your rose survived! It's so funny the way we agonize over our plants and seedlings. My peppers are doing a little better but I don't think I'll have a bumper crop like I had last year. Which I guess is OK because I still have lots of frozen, roasted peppers in my freezer!