Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Great Book

While I was surfing the Internet a few weeks ago, I came across this book, Grow the Good Life, by Michele Owens, who writes the hilarious and insightful blog, Garden Rant.   It looked interesting so I ordered it from Amazon and I was not disappointed.  This book is wonderful!  It's not a garden-how-to-book.  It's a book that makes an entertaining and persuasive case for having a vegetable garden.  Michele Owens is funny, intelligent and sarcastic.  It really is a great read.

This is from the back of the book and her words describe exactly, in a nutshell, how I feel when I'm in my vegetable garden.

"The vegetable garden is as much about the experience as the food, and the experience is simply one of life's most beautiful.  The smell of good soil, the exercise of digging, the beauty of the plants, the sound of the birds, the feeling of the sun on your face, the sense of accomplishment and power--these things are entirely irresistible.  While I garden for a million fine reasons, underlying them all is the fact that I never feel more optimistic, engaged, productive, or peaceful than when I am in my garden."
Michele Owens


  1. Yes, my garden is such a wonderful part of my life! I am so sad for the many people who haven't realized how great a garden can be!

  2. Oh, that says it all so succinctly and perfectly! I am so looking forward to my first trip of the season to the garden center! Can't wait to plant the veggies! Thanks for the book recommendation!

  3. Hi Kelsey...I agree; my garden is so central to my life. I think I would go absolutely crazy if I didn't have a place to garden and grow things!

    You're welcome, Beth. It really is a great read and is so dead on when it comes to why everyone should have a vegetable garden of some sort on some scale, even a very small one. Good to hear from you!