Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lemon Tree is Blooming Again

Y'all know how prolific my lemon tree was last season.  I bet I got over 80 lemons from that tree.  No kidding.  And I used or gave away nearly every single one.  I lost a few to frost over the winter; but only four or five, so that's not bad.

Well, the tree bloomed out again and it is full of tiny green lemons-to-be!  All I did to revitalize my lemon tree this spring was to scoop out a good bit of the top layer of soil, maybe 1/3 of the pot.  I made a mixture of equal parts of fresh potting soil, compost and Medina Growin Green granular fertilizer.  I added that to the pot, mixed it in real well and watered it.  Seems to have worked because it looks great and is full of blooms!

The bees had a really good time pollinating all the beautiful blooms :)

And look at all these tiny new lemons!  The tree is living out by my greenhouse.  I was going to move it onto the back patio, but it seems really (really) happy in that spot.  It gets lots of sun, but some afternoon shade from the greenhouse and lots of cool breezes on top of the hill.  I think I'll leave it where it is!


It looks like I am in for another bumper crop of lemons!

And check this I was photographing the lemons, I noticed these two walking stick insects hanging out on the underside of the leaves.  They are so well camouflaged that they are very hard to see.  But I'm always looking closely at my plants/trees, etc for signs of bugs/critters, both good and bad!  These guys are really neat and they are beneficial, too.  They eat the bad bugs that create havoc on my plants.

Anyway, I was really glad to see these strange but really cool looking bugs on my lemon tree!


  1. My lemon tree could use a little love. I didn't protect it this winter so it lost all its leaves. They have returned and it looks healthy but no blooms. It could use a little TLC!

  2. Hi Cat...At least it is coming back! Try fertilizing it. That might help with encouraging blooms. Sorry I've been incommunicado for so long...busy time for me. My son got married this past weekend and my niece is getting married this coming weekend. Busy, but great fun!

  3. I will tell my momabout your soil enrichment recipe! Congrats on your son and Brice getting married!

  4. Hi Kelsey...this enrichment recipe seems to work as my tree is full of little lemons-to-be! Thanks for your congrats on my son. He's very happy and his wife is a jewel!

  5. Hi Di
    Your garden looks great. Alot of hard work
    but it pays off.
    Love you