Friday, April 8, 2011

Garden Seedlings

My little seedlings are looking *so*good!  The weather has been very cooperative this spring.  It was sunny (bordering on hot!) right after I planted and they seemed to love the warm sunshine.  It has since cooled off somewhat (thank God!) and has been overcast and cool the past couple of days and they seem to like that too.  Anyway, whatever it is/was, my seedlings are doing well and that makes me very happy!
Baby Arugula

 Basil seedlings.  I always plant *a lot* of basil!

 Italian White Eggplant

 Little Gem Romaine

Lola Rossa Red Leaf Lettuce

Beautiful Tomatoes.  I've had to move the grow lamp higher three times already!  I don't like to brag, but my little tomato seedlings look *so* much better than those at the big box stores or even the nurseries.  I couldn't be happier with these babies.  These are by far the prettiest tomatoes I've ever grown from seed.  We'll just have to see how they do once I put them in the ground!

 Gold and Red Beets

 Little Gem Romaine and Golden Chard

Tiny and orange!  Can't wait for these.

So...there you have it...the first seedlings of my spring garden!  I'm very happy so far...but we still have the hot summer to get through so I'm cautiously optimistic.  Wait till we begin the battle with the bugs!  But I'll worry about that if and when it happens.  Right?  Enjoy the moment because that's really all we've got :)


  1. Absolutely, enjoy the moment! It's way too easy to get caught up in the "what might happens" if we aren't careful. Enjoy your successes one moment at a time ;) Can't wait to see the golden and red beets together - I know you'll find some fabulous way to prepare them and then share your discovery!

  2. I'm reeeealy bad about fretting about "what might happen". I've gotten better as I've gotten older, but it helps to be reminded :) Thanks, Cat! Yes, I can't wait for the beets, too. I've already got a few ideas percolating in my head as to how to prepare them!

  3. You are such an inspiration! I am just getting my feet wet in this veggie gardening AND your beds look so fabulous! You have so much! I am going to get braver and plant more. Can't wait to see how your baby plants develop!

  4. Wow, what big changes, Diane.
    Your seedlings really have taken off within a very few weeks. The weather has been very cooperative although here in Houston we had several days, it was even hotter than usual for this time for the year, e.g. yesterday we had 93deg/F. Since we haven't seen much rain, I need to water my plants on a daily basis.
    But that's gardening in Texas. LOL
    Have a wonderful weekend, Diane.
    Paula Jo

  5. Kelsey, you are far too kind :) I just do what I love to do but I'm glad you're thinking about planting new and more seeds/transplants! Go for it, really. You may be surprised at what you can grow :)

    Hi PaulaJo, yes, here too, it has been unseasonably hot! I was hoping for a little more spring, but we sailed right into summer :/ Yes, my garden has really taken off and I'm very happy about that. I need to water, too, on a daily basis. Pray for rain! We are so dry it's really pitiful.