Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall Vegetables

My fall vegetables are growing beautifully, albeit slowly this year.  I'll explain more about that in a future post.  But my radishes are beginning to peak through the soil.  Take a look...

The heads on the cabbage plants are beginning to form and (in my opinion) are gorgeous!

and look at these teeny little Brussels sprouts beginning to form on the plant. 

I'm not worried about the Brussels sprouts and radishes being hit with frost.  Actually, their flavor is much more intense (and better) when they've been exposed to frost.  I just hope I can keep the beetles away until they get to that point.  So good (sshhh :)

Even the tomatoes are beginning to set fruit. 

Although I think it's too late for the tomatoes this year.  I'm not likely to harvest any before the first frost hits.  Bummer, but understandable.  Again, more about that very soon.

I even have a volunteer Red LaSoda potato plant beginning to emerge!  My sister has adopted this little plant as her very own and waters it religiously.  She's hoping to get at least a few potatoes from it.  Gee, I wonder if she'll share? :-)

Just the fact that these beautiful vegetables are growing with only sun, water, a little organic fertilizer and a lot of love is in my book, a complete are most things in God's Universe.

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