Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Garden Growth

My garden is coming back!  Check it out...most of the vegetables that were decimated in the recent deer raid on my garden have come back to life with lots of new growth...look!

My peppers are looking so lush and full, I can hardly believe it.



Note the netting until the new fence is built.  (As an aside, I am NOT a fan of all.  Last year a beautiful garden snake got caught in it and we lost him.  It was very sad.  You know how I feel about garden critters.  But until the fence is built, I have no choice.  The deer are still getting on the property.)  

My heirloom and cherry tomatoes are still producing fruit and making new flowers.

And the two remaining eggplants each have new blossoms and a couple of baby eggplant on the vines.

I couldn't be more pleased with the recovery of my hill country garden.  All this new growth has occurred since July 5th!!  And all I did to encourage this was feed each plant every couple of weeks with Medina Growin Green granules and made sure the plants got plenty of water in this blazing hot sun and you see the results.  Pretty amazing.

Although this growing season is just about over, I'm happy that I'm still getting some fruit production.  And my experience with the peppers has been that they will continue to produce into the fall.

Seeing this makes me glad I decided to try and bring the plants back to life instead of pulling them and waiting to plant in the fall.  Although I will definitely have a fall garden!

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