Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Aftermath

OK...I'm over it...time to move on.  Thanks to all who emailed me with condolences :)  

After closely inspecting what is left of the recent deer massacre, I've decided to see if I can bring the peppers, tomatoes and two eggplants back to life.  It is only early July and there is still a long growing season remaining here in South Texas.  Let's see what we can do with it.  Besides, I *hate* pulling up green, growing things.  You know what I hard time I have thinning beets!

A few days ago I took a good look at each of the plants and found most of them to be very healthy and strong, only sans leaves :)  The peppers were already beginning to show signs of new growth as were the tomatoes, and even a few baby eggplants were beginning to form.  

 See, they don't look so bad :) 

We were expecting a couple of days of heavy rain from "Tropical Depression #2" so I decided to capitalize on that weather event.  I fertilized each plant with a full cup of Medina Growin Green granules and worked it deeply into the soil.  Next, I pruned each plant, removing all the dead and half eaten stems and fruit, and re-staked each plant as needed.  Then I said a little prayer and let the rain take over. And rain it did.  It was wonderful.  Although my garden gets watered daily via a drip irrigation system, you can't beat a a good soaking two-day-rain storm!

I'm fairly confident my garden will come back this season.  We just have to be diligent in keeping the deer out until the new fence is built.  But that what's my beloved puppies are for!  Tyson, Bandit, Mouthy...time to earn your keep!

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