Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Roses are Fixin' to Bloom!

...Eee gads...that is SO Texas!  But it's true :)  My roses *are* fixin to bloom!  Just look at the beautiful buds on these babies.  Now I know they aren't blooming yet, but to me there is something so beautiful about the buds...a tease for the show that is yet to come!


(See Greta standing guard, Shirley? :)



I've long since lost the tags on all these rose bushes so I can't tell you what they are.  But I've had them all for about three years and every year each one puts on a continuous show of beautiful, fragrant blossoms throughout the summer...some yellow (my favorite), some red, some pink and some a beautiful, vibrant, variegated orange (a close second choice).

They live in pots on my back patio and I feed them with a locally produced (Hamilton, Texas) organic rose food called Rose Glo that I get at my favorite nursery.  It's a natural fertilizer made from a blend of feather meal, alfalfa meal, soybean meal, ferrous sulfate, corn meal, phosphate, humates, kelp meal, molasses, sulfate potash and magnesia.

Although in the heat of the summer I do struggle with black spot, my rose bushes at this point in time are very happy and I can't wait to share their blossoms with you!  

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  1. Hi Di
    Just checked your blog. Everything looks great.
    I'm going to take pictures of the work Tim did for me yesterday and I'll try to send them to you. We'll see
    Love Ma