Friday, April 23, 2010

Garden Update's time to get back to gardening :)

I was out in my garden this morning and everything looks great.  It's been raining on and off for weeks and the young plants are soaking in the moisture.  But, hmmm...dear ya think you could send us some sun?  Please?  My plants are really looking for some of your warm rays. 

I finally got the tomatoes in the ground in between rain showers/storms this week.  I've had them potted up since the middle of February!  When I planted them, I fed each one about 1/4 cup of Medina Growin Green granules.  They really like that stuff.  I can't wait to pluck the first of these beauties.  I've got Sunpride and Solarfire in the garden this season.  Both do very well in our hot South Texas summers.  I've planted them before and have had great yields.

The peppers look pretty good too.  I've got Camelot bells here which will turn red when ripe and Aladdin yellow peppers, two of my favorites.  I'm not a big fan of green bell peppers...too bitter for me.


And ya'll...look at these potatoes!  I can't believe how well they are doing.  I've been feeding them Medina Growin Green every 3-4 weeks and they must like it cuz they just keep growing.  These are Red LaSoda and I can't wait to harvest the first ones!  I've got this fabulous Potato Salad recipe from my daughter-in-law that uses baby new potatoes and it is delicious. 

The beets are cruising right along as well.  We should be able to harvest some baby beets before long.  As I think I've told you, baby beets are one of my all time favorite fresh garden vegetable.

My onions look quite nice also.  I've been harvesting some of the young ones as scallions and using them in my stir fries, rice and quinoa dishes.  It adds a nice crunch and a burst of flavor.  Some of these have rather large bulbs and hopefully will be ready to pick soon...before it gets too hot.

The romaine lettuce is growing beautifully.  It really likes the rainy cool weather.  I see a salad with fresh romaine, baby broccoli florets, green apple and local tangy feta cheese for dinner tonight.

And as you can see the broccoli is beginning to bolt, but there are a few little florets left out there that I'll be able to use before I pull the plants for my recycle bin.

Well, all in all my garden is doing pretty well for early spring.  I plan to get green bean and squash seeds in the ground, likely this weekend...if it doesn't rain.  (Dear Universe...see above plea... :)

Have a beautiful day!  May we all be as happy as sweet old boy Mouth :)

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