Friday, January 8, 2010

Great New Resource

I don't have any formal training as a horticulturist.  Everything I know about gardening has come from personal experience (years in the dirt), trial and error, other gardeners and books.  I love gardening books about as much as I love cookbooks, which is a lot! 

That's why I was so tickled with a Christmas present I received from one of my sons...a new gardening book.  It's called Rodale's Vegetable Garden Problem Solver by Fern Marshall Bradley and it's wonderful. 

It is encyclopedic in nature, purely organic and an extremely comprehensive resource for the experienced gardener as well as the novice.  It is a collection of essay-like chapters featuring hundreds of organic and natural solutions for dealing with insects, disease and persistent weed problems.  The book also features specifics on when to plant what vegetable, how to determine which variety is best for your region, secrets of success, and what one can do to prevent problems before planting, at planting time and while the crop grows.  It also features a chapter on fertilizers, nutrient deficiency symptoms and a list of organic fertilizer choices.  Organized alphabetically, it is easy to navigate and is written for the average backyard gardener.

Rodale's Vegetable Garden Problem Solver is destined to become a favorite among my gardening resource books.  If you are looking for a comprehensive gardening reference book that will allow you to focus immediately on the problem along with practical, easy to implement solutions, this book is for you.

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