Saturday, November 20, 2010


...aren't they lovely?
I was at the nursery last week looking for a burst of fall color to put in my copper planter boxes that line the brick walls on my back patio when these beauties caught my attention.  They are Sorbet Black Duet Violas and when I saw them, I was hooked.

The Sorbet varieties tolerate cold weather better than other violas and here in the hills where the temperatures can get pretty chilly, that's important to me.  The plants are compact and are ideal for edgings or containers.  Plus, they just look so cheery and lighthearted to me.  Since I planted them, every time I'm out on the back patio (like every single day), they simply make me smile :)  


  1. I love violas - they almost seem to smile at you and they're so cheery in the cold months.

  2. They are indeed beautiful and have very striking blue colour, will cheer you up anytine!

  3. They look like pretty little faces!

  4. yes, lovely indeed. i like the blue or violet or whatever color it is. i think i'll also these at my garden, around the fence and my pergola

  5. Yes, they do look like pretty little faces!

    Thanks y'all for vising!