Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Greater RoadRunner

I can't believe I actually photographed this guy.  This is a Greater RoadRunner, a member of the Cuckoo family that sprints all around the Texas landscape.  I say sprint because they are able to run up to 15 miles per hour and habitually stay on the ground which makes it very difficult to capture them on camera.

I was sitting at my desk the other day and this lovely critter appeared on the wall outside my office window.  I quickly grabbed my nearby camera and took as many shots as I was able to.  These were all taken through glass so they aren't as clear as I'd like them to be.  I'm just grateful I was able to get these shots at all.  Hope you enjoy :)


  1. Beep Beep! (Look out for Wily Coyote)

  2. Oh how neat! I saw one of those recently running near the road (not on it though!). They're such a big bird!

  3. Hey Diane,

    Cool RR pics!! Say, I see in your picture on the sidebar you had a bumper crop of green peppers at one time or another. Any good recipes for green peppers? I just picked a bunch of them and now I don't know what to do with them all. I have never had such a good crop before!!

  4. Mark & Gale...thanks for visiting! It was really cool to see this guy outside of my window!

    Toni...what I did with my bumper crop of peppers was to roast them, remove the seeds, slice into strips and freeze in small batches. I then add them to soups, eggs, stews, rice dishes, etc. It's a lot of work, but it's the best way I know to preserve a bumper crop of peppers. If you do a search on my blog for peppers, you'll come up with a few specific recipes that I used them in whole. Hope this helps!

  5. I know you posted this years ago but I felt compelled to write after I stumbled across your blog for the Moroccan Chicken/preserved lemon recipe... I just recently was thinking of road runners and how fascinating they are. I used to live in New Mexico and saw a few then but never since, and wondered if they are endangered or still on the up and up. Thank you for sharing the pics :). Two of my favorite pastimes are gardening and cooking as well. Wish I live closer - I would love to come visit your abode....