Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tomatoes are Ripening

It took long enough...geez!  I've been picking cherry tomatoes for a couple of weeks now, but the large tomatoes have certainly taken their sweet time ripening.  But oh was it worth the wait!! 

I have Martian Giants

Costaluto Genovese (an heirloom)

And the very prolific Chadwick Cherry

You can bet these tasty summer treats will be on the dinner menu every night! :)   I've got a few yummy recipes that I will share soon!


  1. I love the irregular ones. Why should tomatoes all be the same shape and size??? Looking forward to seeing your recipe ideas.

  2. Love the look of those heirlooms! I'm sure your recipes will be worth the wait ;)

  3. My mystery tomatoes haven't turned red yet but I have a giant plant that is probably an indeterminate roma and two others that are producing big round fruit. I just found a fourth mystery plant inbetween the abelia in the front yard! Hope they're tasty!!

  4. My Better Boys are still small and green, but they're growing fast in this extended heat wave. We're looking forward to some Tomatoes from the CSA, too. You have quite a haul there! Enjoy!

  5. Yes Mark, I agree...the knarlier the better!

    Cat, the heirlooms taste as good as they look! Although the plant is not very prolific, the tomatoes sure are tasty!

    TS, I Hope your mystery tomatoes turn out to be yummy!

    Hi Beth...you guys are little behind us weather wise so I'm sure your tomatoes will do wonderfully well, especially with the heat that's upon you! Can't wait to hear about them!

  6. Those look fantastic! I have to wait all summer for a ripe tomato and I start my seeds indoors in Feb. For the first time I'm growing a few early season ones - Stupice, Red Robin and Siberia - and have gotten a few little ripe ones. But I'm in Colorado, which has a much shorter growing season than anywhere in Texas.