Monday, July 25, 2011

Puppies in the River

Just a quick update on the puppies.  They are growing strong and are just beautiful!  And I'm having so much fun with them!

 Lovely Laci

Beautiful Gretchen

Throughout the course of this summer, I've discovered that they *love* the water and love to swim.  We've taken them to our ranch house many times this summer and on each trip, we have a ball.  Just thought I'd post some pics of our river romps this summer.  Old boy Tyson hangs right in there with them...chasing balls and having fun!


Just call me the Pied Piper!

3 balls + 3 dogs = 1 happy day!


  1. Puts a whole new meaning on the phrase "Bath time"... Looks like you all had some fun!

  2. How fun!! Only one of my dogs likes the water and she's the one closest to the ground. What lucky happy pups!!

  3. Yes Mark...we have had such a fun summer!!

    Hi TS...I am the lucky one to be surrounded by such loving, happy pups and my old boy Tyson! We do love to romp in the river :)

  4. Your dogs are beautiful, needless to say the
    owner is a knock out.
    Love you

  5. The pictures are speaking for itself, Diane.
    I can tell you and the doggies had lots of fun and I bet it was a nice refreshment.
    Your pups have grown to full size and are just beautiful dogs.

    Our "old lady" Brownie minds the water like it would hurt her. She even hates just a few rain drops hitting her.

  6. Hi Mom...Thanks, the puppies are growing up beautiful and I just love them! We are having lots of fun and...Thank you for the compliment :)

    Hi PaulaJo...yes, we all have had so much fun this summer. Yes, the pups are almost full grown but I don't think they are quite done growing yet...they need to grown into their legs! Thank you for visiting and your kind words :)

  7. Cute little guys--it's obvious they're in their element there. Looks like a fun, refreshing way to spend time on a hot day.

  8. Yes Beth, they took to the water like ducks! We have had a lot of fun this summer!

  9. Neither of dogs would go swimming. My previous dog did and I did miss that quality. Your pups really got a great home. Very cute images.