Friday, February 18, 2011

Blogging In Style!

I'm truly speechless.

And anyone who knows me knows that *that* is quite a feat in and of itself!  There is a Stylish Blogger award being shared and passed on here in the garden blogosphere.  TS who writes the beautiful and thoughtful blog, Casa Mariposa, so graciously bestowed this honor on my blog, Diane's Texas Garden.  I'm honored and I humbly accept :)

In order to keep the award going, I must post, linking back to the person that gave me the award, share 7 random facts about myself, pass the award onto 15 other fabulously stylish garden blogs, and tell them about the award.  

Seven Random Facts about Me
I'm passionate about good food
Early morning (very early morning) is my favorite time of day
I love a good spring thunderstorm
There are 67 pairs of shoes in my closet
I wish I had had another child~~a daughter
I drink way too much coffee
I truly believe in Universal Law

Here are 15 fabulous blogs that I've recently discovered.  I do hope you visit them.  They are wonderful, creative and so very personal.  

Hill Country Mysteries

My heartfelt thanks to this wonderful, fabulous garden blogosphere community that has become such an integral part of my life.  Each of you is a gift!


  1. Ooooh!! Another gardener with lots of shoes! The most difficuly part of recovering from knee surgery wasn't the pain. It was not being able to wear my wonderful retro heels to work. Very early morning is my favorite time to - sleep! Anyone who rescues pups from the side of the road and keeps them, gardens, and serves Morrocan chicken has style!!! :o)

  2. Oh sweet! Thank you :)

  3. Hello from Spring, TX and Congrats on the Award, Diane.
    I'm not a blogger myself, but I'm very passionate when it come about my home and even more when it comes about my garden. Whenever I find time, I surf through the big world of blogs to find interesting posts, tips and advices regarding gardening and decorating for me to read. That's exactly how I came across your blog and I'm glad I landed here.
    After reading some of your blog posts I can see why your received the Award. Keep up with the good work and I will try to make sure to stop by here often. What I could read so far, it seems to me, we have a lot in common. Ok, I do not have 67 pairs of shoes but I'm passionate when it comes about food too. Do I drink too much coffee? I know I do, but whatever. LOL
    I could go on but instead me boring you I will just have a look at some more of your posts.
    Best Regards
    Paula Jo

  4. Hi PaulaJo! So nice to hear from you! I got both your comments to my posts and I'm so thankful for your kind words and for your visiting me :) It sounds like we do have a lot in common! You really should consider's pretty awesome and you meet/interact with some amazing people here in the garden blogosphere! If you want to read more on my beautiful puppies, go to my Reflections Post in'll get a taste of where I was when I found the pups. good to hear from you and thank you for visiting!

  5. Hello Diane,
    I really appreciate your reply on my comment. Not all bloggers reply on comments. They love to see many many comments, but that's pretty much it.
    Regarding me starting with blogging, so I just don't have time enough. My online store keeps me pretty busy, doing the marketing, daily inventory updates, insertion of new products and the sourcing of new products is actually a full time job of it's own. I'm just glad my husband helps me a lot and takes care for all the design and technical stuff.
    Anyway, I have met several interesting people through my blog surfing activities and learned a lot by reading the blog posts and comments.
    I for sure will stop by here often.
    Have a wonderful day
    Paula Jo

  6. Hi Paula Jo :) I always try to answer people who post comments on my blog. I really appreciate hearing from you and do want to let you know that. Sounds like you're pretty busy with your online store...Cool stuff BTW! Again, thank you for visiting me and I will look forward to hearing from you! :)

  7. Diane, I'm not sure if you are the one who stopped by my garden Blog today, but if you are. Glad you enjoyed the visit. Tell your husband that yes indeed the fishing is great here. In fact, when I was building the house the builders said "you must love fishing to put your home here". I asked why. They said that the best fishing on all of the Western shore of Lake Michigan is a stretch of water starting four miles south of my home and going ten miles North. The perfect spot for fishing. One day last year, no lie, I counted 293 boats in front of my home at the same time! It must be the place to fish! If you go through many of the past postings you will see other photos with the lake in the background. Enjoy some more! Jack