Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Greenhouse Clean Up

It was time.  My greenhouse was a mess.  Not a mess really, just very disorganized.  Something that drives me crazy.

All summer long, I just kept putting stuff in there and now that the weather is about to turn very cold, I needed to move my patio plants into the greenhouse and there was no place to put them!

Last Friday seemed like the perfect day to get out there.  I had the puppies spayed on Thursday and they were still groggy and needed rest and quiet.  It was also a beautiful, sunny, warm day.  With the the pups sleeping peacefully in their crates, I went out to the greenhouse and got to work.  I took everything out of the greenhouose, except the heaters, and reorganized it and put it all back in its proper place.  I can be very anal about stuff like that (ask my sister!).  I'm the same way in my kitchen :-}

While I was working, a little wren came  to visit me.  She's so cute and loud for such a little bird!

I then hauled my trusty little yellow wagon down to the back patio and began loading up plants.


The bees and butterflies were all over my Stock plants!  Such an added bonus to the day :-} But they wouldn't let me get close enough for better pictures :/

After about 9 trips up and down the hill from my patio to my greenhouse, I was done!  It looks so good and I'm very happy :)

When my husband got home, he and I moved my lemon tree into the greenhouse, which is still full of lemons and even some blooms, all under the watchful supervision of the puppies who were most interested in what was in my greenhouse!

I worked *very* hard that day as I also put my garden beds to rest for the winter (but that's for another post).

Reflecting on my hard work of the day, I once again recognized how blessed I am to live the life that I do,  being able to do the things I love, and being surrounded by all the loving, caring people in my life.  
My greenhouse at sunset.



  1. I've always wanted a green house like that! I'd have to make room for a chair because I would like to hang out in there. So pretty in the sunset. What is that pink flower, the one the bee likes so much?

  2. Hi Wicked Gardener! I *love* my greenhouse and yes, sometimes I do just go out there and hang. It's a very peaceful place for me. That pink flower is called Stock and it does really well in the fall here in South Texas. And it smells wonderful! The bees and butterflies love it. Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. Oh you are a blessed girl! Love that greenhouse and you don't even know how much I wish I had the room for one! Your lemon tree is almost decadent! Maybe a pie or some lemon cookies??

  4. I'm just imagining how warm and bright it must be in that wonderful greenhouse. Enjoy!

  5. I know I am, Cat; I truly am. The greenhouse was a Christmas present from my wonderful hubby last year and I've loved having it. I can't wait to begin my spring seedlings in it! Yes, lemon cookies do sound yummy! I'll keep y'all posted.

    Hi PlantPostings...yes, it is warm and cozy in the greenhouse. All my patio plants are very happy to be in there. And so is my lemon tree!