Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tiny Hummingbird

Look at this y'all...I can't believe I actually got to hold this beautiful little bird!

Let me tell you what happened.

I was on the back patio watering my plants when this little guy hit the dining room window (which happens often) and fell to the ground.  I picked him, praying he didn't break his neck (which also happens often).  But he didn't.  He was just stunned.  Y'all know my camera is never too far from me when I'm outside, so I picked it up off the table and began shooting a few photographs (because no one would believe me without photographic proof!).  As I continued watering my plants, he just sat in my hand looking around, a little dazed, but showing no signs of moving on.  He sat in my hand for about 5 minutes then just buzzed up and flew away.  It was really neat.

After consulting my  Hummingbirds of North America book, I confirmed that this is an immature male, black Chinned hummingbird, probably the most common species in this part of Texas.  How neat that I actually got to hold this beautiful little creature! :)


  1. It really was, Rachel. One of those very special gifts :)

  2. I once rescued a hummingbird trapped in spiderwebs in a window. I brushed off the webs and petted it gently. It caught it's breath after a few minutes and flew away. I bet few people get to pet hummingbirds.