Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall Garden Update far, so good.  My fall garden is progressing nicely with a few exceptions.  None of the spinach seeds I direct sowed has germinated; same goes for the kale.  I think the soil may be a bit heavy.  So I replanted these seeds in little containers in seed starter mix, brought them in the house and placed them under my grow lamp.  I think I may have better luck this way as a few spinach seeds have already begun to germinate.    

But everything else is doing beautifully.  Take a look.

I don't mind thinning the arugula as the tiny leaves are delicious in my summer salads! :)


Beets (which, BTW, I've already thinned :)




Brussels sprouts

Green onions


As you can see, the vegetables are thriving and growing very well.  But as always, it's a constant battle with the bugs! :/  The cabbage loppers and mealy bugs have been particularly bad this year.  Every other day I pick a few cabbage loppers off the broccoli and Brussels sprouts...GRRRR.  I also spray the plants every couple of days with GreenLight BT worm killer.  It does a pretty good job of keeping the bugs at bay, but it requires constant vigilance on my part. 

I'm pretty pleased with the progress of my fall garden so far.  And my new fence has done a *wonderful* job of keeping the deer out.  We were gone for about a week at the end of August/early September and nothing got in my garden to wreak havoc and destroy all my hard work!  And that makes me happy :)

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this post! My little carrots look just like yours in these pictures :) I'm interested in your lights as well, were they expensive? Thanks :)