Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hooded Oriole

Look at these beauties!  We were at our ranch house this past weekend and I was fortunate to be able to photograph these gorgeous Hooded Orioles (not that I stalked them or anything :)  This is the male:

And this is the female:


These beautiful birds flit from treetop to treetop and grace us with their presence every time we are at the ranch house...probably because we feed them!  I've come to recognize their call which sounds like a high-pitched chirp...kind of like a cardinal only more distinct and more crisp.

We have an oriole feeder that resembles a hummingbird feeder except the feeding holes are wider and there are little trays around the sides of the feeder that we fill with grape jelly...they love it!  Look closely in the above photo and you can see it...the best use for Welch's grape jelly that I know of!

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