Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fall Garden

Deciding what to plant is always very difficult for me.  I have a limited number of beds and I always struggle with what to put in them.  In the end, I always go with what we (wonderful husband and I) love to eat most.

This fall I planted a mix of seeds and seedling transplants.

Tomatoes, a local variety, called Bin 444, an indeterminate hybrid that does very well in the Texas heat.
Broccoli, Green Magic; again this is a variety that does well in our climate
Cabbage, green - love this stuff
Brussels Sprouts - I planted these last fall and the beetles decimated them.  I'll try again this year and keep a much closer eye on them and will use Greenlight BT worm killer on a regular basis.

Baby green onions
Arugula (we'll see if this takes the Texas heat)
Beets (both red and gold)

And I still have one bed that is empty and one full of lovely, sweet peppers.  With the empty bed, I'll likely due some succession planting in a few weeks of more beets, carrots and spinach.

So, my fall garden is in and I am very happy :)  And as you know, I will keep you posted on my trials and tribulations.

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