Friday, June 11, 2010

My Fig Tree...'s come back!  It took a hit early this spring when a couple of very chilly nights hit us (which happens all the time here in the hills).  The tree had just started leafing out and I covered it as best I could; but to no avail.  All the tender new growth froze :(

But I was pretty convinced the tree itself was OK.  So I just continued to water it and protect it from the cold and in time, it began to recover; and now, it's growing like crazy!  I fertilized it with one cup of Medina Grown Granules and it seemed to like that.  It likely won't produce any fruit this year and I'm OK with that.  I just want to help it grown strong and healthy so that hopefully next year, I'll have tons of figs!  To me, that's another food of the gods!

Now I just have to worry about protecting it from the inevitable freezing temperatures this coming winter :-/  But I do have a plan...

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