Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Vegetable Seedlings

Such a beautiful morning...clear, breezy and very cool.  But another 70-degree day forecast...gotta love it :-) 

We've had about a week of intermittent light, steady rain and sunshine and my garden is very happy with this weather pattern :)  Talk about budding out...the little vegetable seedlings are all growing beautifully.  I've been fertilizing everything with Medina Growin Granules every three weeks and it must be working because all the seedlings look very healthy. 

All my potato tubers have begun to poke through the soil.  This is my first experience growing potatoes and I'm pleased that at least they've gotten to this stage!  It's so neat to see :)

And the broccoli raab are all growing strong and tall.  This is also a new vegetable for me.  Broccoli raab is a member of the nutritious cruciferous family.  It is a nonheading, broccoli-like vegetable that resembles broccoli florets on long thin stems.  Broccoli raab has a bitter but zesty flavor and it's best to quickly blanch it before cooking. 

Even my broccoli plants all have little broccoli heads forming. 

The romaine seedlings are beginning to look like baby lettuce.

and the beets are growing slowly but surely.  Notice how I've already thinned them considerably ;-)

And my Texas 1015 onions are marching right along.  

I told you I was going to have tomatoes and peppers on these plants before I put them in the ground...check out my first tomatoes and one teensy pepper beginning to form!

Seeing the overall progress of my spring garden made for a great start to my day :)  Blessings to you all...

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