Thursday, March 11, 2010

Seedling Update

Wednesday was a beautiful day!  Actually, it was my idea of a perfect day:  I spent the morning in the garden and in the greenhouse and the afternoon in the kitchen :)

Y'all...look at my tomatoes!!   I potted these babies up on February 14 and look at them! 

They have done so well in the greenhouse and needless to say, I'm thrilled.  They are all growing beautifully and many of the plants have flowers.  By the time I'm ready to put them in the ground, they should be big, healthy, growing plants.  Today, I fed  them with Medina Growin' Green Organic fertilizer.  I had to move the plants around a bit to give them space.  They are growing so big they need more room to breathe!

My peppers are doing very well, also.  They got fed and thoroughly watered today as well.  Look at these beautiful buds. 

I also hauled all my geraniums and hibiscus plants out of the greenhouse.  Boy were they in need of some TLC!  I deadheaded them all, added fresh dirt to the pots, fertilized them, added a layer of worm castings to the top soil and gave everyone a good, long drink of water. 

After I finished in the greenhouse, I headed to the garden to survey the scene.  Everything looks great.  My broccoli, romaine lettuce and broccoli raab look healthy and are all growing beautifully.  They also got fed with Medina Growin' Green and thoroughly watered. 

Of course, I couldn't help but get sidetracked as I was working today.  It was such a pretty day and I noticed an explosion of wildflowers in my Texas hill country landscape.  I stopped to admire and photograph them.  

For your viewing pleasure:

And to add the icing on the cake of this beautiful day, the first hummingbird of the season showed up at my feeder!  I was so excited.  Anticipating their arrival, I put one feeder out about a week ago and sure enough, as I was fertilizing my roses (oh yea...something else I did today), I heard the familiar "zooommm" and little squeaky song they make and one ruby throat hummingbird landed on my feeder.  I grinned ear to ear, ran inside and filled up my other two feeders and hung them on the back patio.  I wasn't able to get a picture of this little guy (*that* will be the challenge of the summer), but he was there and hopefully, he'll spread the word to all his buddies that "food's on"! 

It was an amazing day and I'm so blessed to be able to do what I love to do every single day.  Life is good.

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