Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Moving Day

Brrr....another *very* chilly forecast.  Temperatures are predicted to dip well below freezing tonight, tomorrow, Friday and through the weekend.  The weather guys are even predicting snow for Friday...yes, South Texas!  It does happen occasionally but not this early in the season.  It's usually January or February before we get our first chance of snow.  However, with this forecast, I'm not taking any chances.  I worked so hard over this past brutal, hot summer just time keep my plants alive.  I'll be darned if I'm going to lose them now!  It's time to move the patio plants into the greenhouse.

My wonderful husband came home early from work today just to help me move all the tender plants into the greenhouse before dark (he's such a gem).  :-)

I have many plants on the back patio that will not survive a freeze.  One of the intended purposes of my acquiring a greenhouse was to have a place to house my patio plants over the winter.  I have many geraniums, several bouganvilla, a lovely pink and white hibiscus, a prolific lemon tree, an equally productive lime tree and a Texas Everbearing Fig Tree that I just acquired this fall.  I would hate to lose them. 

So hubby and I pulled out my little yellow wagon and began loading up.  It took us about four trips to get everything in the greenhouse...not bad really.  It was pretty cold but not unbearable.  (I grew up in Boston and lived in North Dakota for three years...I know cold.  Today was not cold.)

I feel much better going into this weekend with my precious plants tucked away in their warm cozy home for the winter.

Thank you Harry :-)

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