Friday, October 30, 2009

My Fall Vegetable Garden

Fall gardening is my favorite gardening season.  There are so many varieties of vegetables to plant and most of them are frost tolerant.  I live in the Hill Country of South Texas and it gets a little colder here than it does in San Antonio.  Even with that fact, I have many vegetables from which to choose...and it's always nice to have a choice :)

So what did I plant?  And did I plant from seed or buy transplants?  With the exception of the red cabbage, Celebrity tomatoes and cherry tomatoes which I bought as transplants from my favorite nursery, I planted everything from seed.

Carmen Hybrid Peppers - I started these indoors from seed, then planted transplants in the garden

Red and gold beets - I directly sowed the beet seeds.

Baby pak choi - I started these indoors from seed then planted the transplants.

Italian Squash - I directly sowed these beautiful squash

Celebrity tomatoes and Cherry tomatoes- I planted these as transplants from my local nursery

Red Cabbage - I planted these beautiful cabbage as transplants I bought from my local nursery

Radishes - I directly sowed the radish seed into my garden

Fingerling Eggplant - This is a new crop for me.  I planted these in my garden from seed that I started indoors

Butternut Squash - This is another new crop for me.  I directly sowed the seeds in my garden.

Carrots - Carrots should always be directly sowed
Spinach - Another new crop for me.  I directly sowed these spinach seeds.

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