Monday, December 6, 2010

Puppy Update it any surprise?  I kept them :)

And in just a couple of days, they have enriched my life more than I can describe.  The unconditional love they have already shown me is very humbling. 

When I took them to my vet, it was no surprise that they were malnourished and had worms.  Luckily, both conditions are easily cured.  The deworming medication began to work in a couple of days and they have already put on weight.  It's amazing to me what a little food, water, warm shelter, lots of love and attention, and a little medical care can do.  The puppies are thriving. 

We have named these beautiful girls and I'd like to introduce them:

Meet Gretchen:

And Laci:

What a joy they have been!  My vet is pretty certain they are Belgian Malinois.  The military trains this breed of dog to be bomb-sniffing dogs and they also train as K9s in police units.  I did some research on the breed and "they are bright, obedient, high energy dogs with strong protective and territorial instincts. They need a strong alpha to display a confident, natural authority and they make great family pets.  They are watchful, alert and loyal and good with children if property socialized."  Whew...I have my work cut out for me.  But I've already contacted a dog trainer who will meet with me this week to help me train these beautiful dogs.  I told my husband that when I decided to keep the pups, I made a 12-14 year commitment to them.  I also made a commitment to work with them to get them properly trained so they are a joy not only to us but to everyone who visits us.  I'm very excited about this new challenge for me.  And I firmly believe in Universal Law and to the terrible person/people who mistreated and dumped these puppies I say this:  "As you sow, so shall you reap."  

 So stay tuned!  But in the meantime, here are a few more photos:

And here they are after a morning of playing/training:  

As close as sisters should be :)


  1. This is such a great story. I am so glad you kept them and they are beautiful dogs. Your vet looks to be correct and you will have two very loyal companions. Your photos of them are really sweet, the expressions priceless.

  2. They are indeed Belgian Malinois puppies. They are fine looking dogs. It sounds like they have dropped into the lap of luxury. You are lucky, I just had to put my dog to sleep and miss her terribly. Good luck with your babies.

    Stephanie Suesan Smith

  3. Congratulations Diane! They are beautiful and no doubt you will bring them as much joy as they you! What a wonderful Christmas story ;-)

  4. Hi Donna...thanks for your good wishes as I move forward with this next stage of my life. I'm super excited about it though! Thanks again for stopping by :)

    Stephanie, I know how you feel. I've had to put 2 of my old dogs to sleep in the past year and a half. Very sad days. And I've got 2 more very old ones still at home. That's why these puppies are such a blessing. They came at the right time in my life. Thank you for visiting!

    Hey Cat! Thank you! Yes they are beautiful and they've already brought me much joy! I have a lot of work ahead of me training them properly, but I'm looking forward to the challenge. Merry Christmas to me :)

  5. I had a feeling they were Belgians. We've had a few come through the shelter. They look as happy as you sound!! What lucky puppies!!! :0)

  6. If your pups could speak, that last picture sums it up -- perfect rest and contentment in their new home :-)

  7. Hi TS...Indeed they are. And yes, I'm very happy to have them and they are simply thriving! Thank you :)

    Toni, the pups have settled in quite nicely to our routine at home and are very content. They've been cold and hungry and warm and fed; and they definitely like warm and fed better! :)